... T-HE was a New Wave project, founded in 1985 by Ralf Jesek and Kai Kampmann during their schooldays. In 1986 their demo song 'Tonight' appeared on a regional compilation and piqued the interest of a music producer from Cologne. Unfortunately this cooperation proved to be quite disappointing and T-HE was disbanded shortly after.

... From 1990 to 1994 Ralf and Kai played together in a band called DROWNING VOICES and in 1992 they also started the WavePop project DERRIÈRE LE MIROIR together with Nicole Rellum, with which they released four studio albums until 1997 and which was reactivated in 2017 with the album "In Flux".

... After Kai appeared as a guest on the album 'Letters from the Paper Garden' of Ralf's band I-M-R in 2012, and after he also supported I-M-R at a show in Madrid as guest keyboardist, they decided spontaneously to reactivate the old T-HE spirit for one or two tracks as soon as they have time.

... In June 2016 three results ('Believe', '12h50', 'Slipped Out') of their occasional sessions were released by syborgmusic as the digital 3 track single 'Believe'. And one year later the remaining 5 session tracks ('Worried', 'No Hello', 'Blurred', 'Where Were You Hiding?', 'The Call') were released as the digital EP 'Worried'.


... And what is the meaning of T-HE?
Originally the project was called T.H.E (under this moniker they appeared on the compilation 'Godfathers of German Gothic Vol. III' in 1997). Since bandnames with a 'The' were omnipresent in the 1980ies, this name seemed to be a quite funny option (only overtrumped by Matt Johnson's THE THE). But this idea has entered a lot of other heads during the last decades, so the name was slightly changed to T-HE (yes: 'tee-hee') for the new recordings.



T-HE: Worried EP

5 track digital EP

released by SYBORGMUSIC
available at amazon, Junodownload



T-HE: Believe

3 track digital single

released by SYBORGMUSIC
available at amazon, iTunes, Junodownload, 7Digital



MARY's COMiC: Perfect Vacation

CD album

released by SYBORGMUSIC
available at amazon


"In Flux"


CD album

released by SYBORGMUSIC
available at amazon, JPC



I-M-R: InOutSide

CD digipak album

released by SYBORGMUSIC
available at amazon, iTunes, JPC